Monday, June 18, 2012
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I've been working on this skankadin little one (Yes, I call her my little one, because even though she is a Blood Elf, she is MY Blood Elf, which if you don't know, means that she is under the influence of Noggenfogger a majority of the time) for ages now. I wish I could say that I dedicate a lot more time to her than I do to my other alts (which I make, level to 40 and then delete over and over again because I simply cannot stand being happy with a single thing for an extended period of time), but I don't. OKAY? I DON'T! SO YES, SHE HAS BEEN NEGLECTED for months. MONTHS. Or at the very, very least, WEEKS, which could very well have become a MONTH. And it's just tonight that I've started to hit my stride and really hammer out more than one dungeon at a time, so that means that soon, I'll be DONE and expecting a congratulations on it out of EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU OKAY because I love and respect that you have better things to be doing with your time than reading my posts and then telling me you've read them simply so that I can feel better about myself but I AM SORRY, I NEED THE VALIDATION. And also miss your words. You should all talk to me far more often than you do.

Now. I give you my musings on the subject of 'The Killing'. Plus a lot of unnecessary capital letters. Do enjoy.

This show, baby. Watch it. Because it turns out that what you get when a boring, moody cop with bad hair and parenting issues works a case about a murdered teen is one of the most awesome shows that AMC has ever allowed me to see, and more of the world should sit in front of their computer and/or television screens with me every Sunday night, hoping that we'll find out who killed Rosie Larsen. (Which we have actually already found out, but I DON'T KNOW WHO IT IS as I'm only half way through season 2 and NOT to the finale yet. P.S. IF YOU TELL ME THAT YOU KNOW WHO DID IT, AND THEN PROCEED TO TELL ME WHO IT WAS, YOU MIGHT GET PUNCHED OR STABBED OR JUST FUCKED UP IN GENERAL. K? SO DON'T)

If anyone tries to tell you that The Killing isn't the most epic thing in the history of all universes, kindly tell them to shove it up their ass, as we know the truth and have no time for their shenanigans.

Good day.

Friday, June 15, 2012
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Hello, my loves. I guess it's time for an update, so let me just announce... I've been feeling very spontaneous lately. Spontaneous as in I went to get my hair cut yesterday and I didn't know what I wanted until I opened a book and pointed "That one". Risky thing getting your hair cut. I'm not really sure if I'm completely pleased with it or not, but I'm sure it'll grow on me. SPONTANEOUSNESS IS SPONTANEOUS! SO THERE IS THAT.

TONIGHT, I DECIDED TO BRIEFLY LEVEL MY LOWBIE ALT. You might remember that I do that, sometimes? And then post about them, because otherwise my millions of screencaps will just sit in my folders, getting fat and lazy? So yeah, I do level alts... Usually when the mood strikes, and tonight there was a definite MOOD, one that may persist through tomorrow and has actually always existed but is strong in me right now after certain events, which basically consists of my firm belief that I absolutely hate H Spine of Deathwing (EVEN THOUGH I WAS ONLY IN FOR ONE ATTEMPT TONIGHT DUE TO ISSUES), OKAY WORLD, and writing a full on post about THAT is beyond my capabilities right now, so I settled for alt news and THIS IS WHAT CAME OUT.

So I hopped onto Peter tonight, my baby priest, and got into a 20-ISH(?) Shadowfang Keep with a bunch of really odd folks. Well, there were two mages when I first joined that were trolling pretty pathetically, but they left shortly thereafter. Everyone else seemed relatively normal. AND BEFORE YOU ASK, no I don't remember the mages names. They did rhyme though... Which I guess could be considered clever on some universe, if there were to be a universe where rhyming is clever.... Which there probably isn't. Anyway, my point is that I have no point. I just made promises to Thot, Deussless, Stormseer, Selagu and Gorthox that I would mention them here and pretend that we all became BFF's in our dungeon run. That is all.

On to the good stuff,
I HAVE BEEN WATCHING PSYCH ALL THE LIVELONG DAY. The DVD version, there's not been a marathon you've missed out on or anything, DO NOT WORRY, and I've decided that I am not as much of a fan of Shawn in season one as I am after season one? Not because he's less ridiculously funny, but because if he went to a comic book convention in season 3 he would not only approach it with APLOMB, but show up dressed as Batman and refuse to speak like anyone other than Christian Bale with a sore throat for the rest of the episode, even when Gus made him take the thing off so that they could, I don't know, fit through a window or something. Whereas in season one, he couldn't wait to get out of there and MADE FUN OF GUS FOR LIKING IT.

You're better than that, Shawn Spencer. I know you are. But I don't let it harsh my groove, because I'll take whatever season of Shawn I can get.

Guess what?

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I realized though that like a good half of my friends from here have DISAPPEARED, PRACTICALLY NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN since last summer, which makes me indescribably sad. WHERE YOU AT, LADIES. AND DICK. Wherever it is, I can double, possibly triple it, in love and ego stroking. That's just how I do.

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